SPEEDFLEX – Rihanna’s body in just a few weeks?

SPEEDFLEX – Rihanna’s body in just a few weeks?

With summer only just kicking in, there’s still plenty of time to get in shape for your holiday – and we’ve given the new fitness craze, Speedflex, a go – and the results speak for themselves.

With celebs like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna flaunting their toned bikini bodies all over the place, it’s getting harder to ignore the fact that awe-inducing bikini selfies are now a permanent fixture on our Facebook, Instagram and news feeds.

The problem? Not all of us have the time to spend hours in the gym in the hopes of getting a perkier bum or abs of steel. So when we heard about Speedflex – with its quick results and even quicker workouts – we had to give it a go.

What is it? A lot of intimidating looking machinery – but they’re all specifically designed to target each particular area of your body. Sessions can be a speedy half an hour (but believe us, there’s very few breaks), or you can be brave and sign up to a 45 minute one.

The machinery targets different areas of your body in this high-intensity training

Although it’s not a 1-1 session, the class sizes are intimate and the trainers aren’t afraid to tell you what you’re doing wrong. Sounding scary? Half an hour a day is do-able and once you get used to the moves, it’s easy to follow and the workout’s done before you know it. Since it’s high intensity and low impact, there’s minimal aching the next day too.

We sent our loyal tester, Kirsty, to give it a go, and her 8 week before and after shots had us jumping to sign up as well

“I loved it – I couldn’t feel any soreness after each session, which spurred me on to attend as many classes as possible,’” says Kirsty

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A bikini body to match Rihanna’sin just a few weeks?

An alternative to the gym or a bootcamp, Speedflex offers high intensity circuit training sessions led by a personal trainer – but there’s a difference. Whether you’re Alan Shearer or a first time exerciser Speedflex will help you reach high heart rate zones as the machines respond to your force as opposed to weights, meaning you train at the best level for you personally. A combination of cardio and resistance training, using Speedflex will leave you with little to no muscle soreness afterwards (say bye bye to bum shuffling down the stairs).

Whether you want help with weight loss or improving your general health and fitness interval training is the way to go. Leave a comment if you’ve tried Speedflex and what you’re thoughts are on it, and be sure to check out Uniforce.

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