Plyo Push – FAT BLASTING Workout

Plyo Push – FAT BLASTING Workout

Short on time? Can’t make it to the gym? Try this FAT BLASTING workout anywhere, anytime!

Perform 4 Rounds. No rest between exercises. Minimize rest between sets.

10 Mountain Climbers / Push-up Combo (push-up after 4 climbers)
15 Criss-Cross Squat
30 Standing Toe Touches
15 each side Lateral Skis Touching The Ground
30 Mountain Climbers
15 Criss-Cross Squat Jump
30 each side Stationary Lunges
100 Angry Punches

Exercise Notes

Mountain Climbers / Push-up Combo

Mountain Climbers / Push-up Combo – Place hands on the floor shoulder-width apart. Bring one leg forward under your chest while the other leg is extended. Alternate each leg under the body while the other is extended. You can do this slow or fast, but make sure to keep the abs in tight. Do a push-up after 4 climbers. See picture and video for more instruction.

Criss-cross Squat

Criss-cross Squat – Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Criss-cross feet and then jump out to a squat. From a squat, jump up and criss-cross again. See picture and video for more instruction.

Standing Toe Touches

Standing Toe Touches
– Kick one leg up and reach for your toes. Lower and then kick up the other leg and reach for your toes. See picture and video for more instruction.

Lateral Skis

Lateral Skis – Begin with feet together. Jump laterally pushing off with left foot and land on right foot. Left foot goes behind the right while bending over and touching the ground with your left hand. Then jump off the right foot and land on the left foot. Right foot goes behind the left while bending over and touching the ground with your right hand. Get LOW and Jump FAR!! See picture and video for more instruction.

Angry Punches – Keep abs in tight and rotate torso while punching as hard as you can.

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Jennifer Andrews

Jennifer Andrews is a IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete, certified trainer/business owner with Fine Fanny Fitness, and Team Bombshell coach. Jennifer is a sponsored athlete for Beautyfit and Better Bodies.


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