How to get toned arms from Paige Hathaway

How to get toned arms from Paige Hathaway

Instagram fitness celebrity and trainer Paige Hathaway has amassed 2.6 million followers on Instagram and another 3.6 million followers on Facebook sharing her diet and exercise advice. While there are many ways to great arms for men and women, Hathaway told Tech Insider one strategy that works for her. She says the obvious choice is weightlifting, but that’s not all.

Her secret? Resistance bands.

“Lift a lift with weights and follow it with a band exercise. Do a curl or whatever you choose to do for your exercise and immediately follow it with the same motion using resistance bands. Do double the reps with the bands,” she tells Tech Insider.

Resistance bands offer an alternative to classic lifting: The greater range of motion can help you work more of the muscle. When using machines and weights your muscles are locked into one seamless movement. Combining resistance bands with weights offers your muscle a more complete workout.

Additionally, adding repetitions of resistance bands increases variety in your workout. Since muscles are quick to adapt to an exercise, alternative movements help maintain muscle growth. A small number of studies support this idea, suggesting that there may be specific strength benefits that come from using resistance bands on top of just free weights and weight machines.



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