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Challenge Accepted! Get Beach Body Ready With This Month-Long July Fitness Plan

Challenge Accepted! Get Beach Body Ready With This Month-Long July Fitness Plan

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Guys, let’s hear it for July! Get Beach Body Ready With This Month!

The month that starts off with a literal bang (thanks to Independence Day fireworks).

In addition to celebrating America, you’ll also probably be honoring summer with our usual traditions, which means you and your swimwear are going to be spending plenty of quality time together. So we totally understand if right around now you suddenly want to get on a little health and wellness reboot. (We certainly are!)

So starting this week, we’re kicking off a month-long fitness challenge filled with fun, fast-paced workouts. And the best part? No gym equipment (or membership) is required.

We went straight to celebrity trainer Hino Ehikhamenor—better known as “Hollywood Hino”—for the best workout circuits to keep you bikini bod in check. And as the go-to man for Kelly Rowland and Ansel Elgort, Hino’s workouts are guaranteed to get you looking and feeling your best.

Now these workouts aren’t easy, but there absolutely doable. And with a few rest days squeezed in between, you’ll have plenty of time to reboot and recover before the next challenge day.

Ready? Start strong with a healthy dose of cardio today straight from Hollywood Hino himself, and check back on Monday, July 6 for next week’s workouts!

Day 1: Cardio Featured Move: Skaters Moving from side to side, bend down and reach for your ankles on alternating sides as shown by our fitness model, Nellie Newman. One set (left and right) counts as one rep. For added challenge, jump slightly for that extra plyometric movement to burn more calories. Beginners should repeat the circuit two times, but if you’re up for an extra challenge, then do four sets.

Workout circuit: 25 jumping jacks 25 high knees 25 jump squats Jog in place for 25 seconds 25 skaters For best results, repeat the circuit two to four times.

Day 2: Rest Day Rest and give your body a day to recover and prepare for a more challenging week ahead. Use this day to focus on your nutrition, and think about making better food choices over the weekend. Make sure to stay hydrated!

Day 3: Upper Body Strength Featured Move: Wall Pushups With your feet shoulder width apart and hands eye level, lower your chest toward the wall and push out as shown. Keep your back straight to engage your core and isolate your arm and chest muscles. For an added challenge, pause in the down position (toward the wall) for a few seconds before pushing out.

Workout Circuit: 25 jumping jacks circuits 15 wall pushups 15 tricep dips 15 forward arm circles 15 reveres arm circles For best results, repeat the circuit two to four times.

Day 4 & 5: Rest Days Now that you’ve spent a few days working hard, go out and enjoy the 4th of July weekend festivities! Still, it’s important to have “active rest days,” where you don’t have a workout regimen for the day but are still physically active. Go for a walk with friends or even go out dancing, but make sure you move at least for 30 minutes at one time or five minutes out of every waking hour.

Get Beach Body Ready With This Month!

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